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Historic Properties

Embrace the Past, Experience the Present, Protect the Future

48 Constitution Street

48.5 Constitution Street

52 Constitution Street

The Springer Cottage- Built in 1804. 

55 Constitution Street

The 1804 Built house built by Nathan West is also known as the “Old Sparks House” and the “Betsey West House”.

It appears on the Bristol map of 1851. Nathan sold the house to his brother Gardner in 1811. The brothers were among the 28 killed during the war of 1812 when the powder magazine on the Bristol Privateer the “Hiram” exploded near the island of Barbuda. Over its two plus century this four-bay Federal residence has retained its simple elegance.

67 Constitution Street

22 Bradford Street

The “Easterbrook House” built in 1850. This Colonial has kept its original charm with wide plank floorboards and wide hallways. It appears on the map of 1851.

62 Franklin Street

The Hatch House (C.1840/1900) Appears on the 1851 Map.

On the map . . .

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